CWB Certified Canadian Welding Bureau


Metal Solutions.

Hollywood Steel Works is your complete source for a wide range of custom metal products, unique project builds and installations. Our skilled craftsman will provide the highest quality of metal works.


Specializing in
Steel Fabrication.

We are a full service steel welding and manufacturing outlet, that also offers an onsite mobile welding service. Bringing blueprint designs to a physical quality creation. Satisfaction Guaranteed!



Our certified welders are ready to take on any project or weldment task that is handed to them.

About Us


We always stay with our clients and respect their business. We deliver 100% and appreciate word of mouth referral.

Based out of London Ontario Canada, we are an idea-driven company working with a strong focus on product quality and customer satisfaction. Decades of steel fabrication experience gives us the upper hand in understanding the varieties of work in the different industries.

Serving millitary, industrial, commercial, nautical, agricultural, transportation and residential feilds. Our Vision is to grow successfully, doing what we LOVE to do!

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